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Scott Adams in his iconic Dilbert comic says that software is never finished. What the comic argues is that software development by definition is bound to incorporate changes and will involve changes to accommodate either business needs as improvements or bug fixes which were initially unidentified. This inherently makes an argument that software is built in […]

It is again that time of the year when I reflect back on the year gone by. It’s a useful exercise and helps me put things in perspective. It does also make me feel as if so little have I achieved in this previous year but that doesn’t really matter eventually. Each one of us […]

I attended PyData Delhi 2017 over this weekend which was the first conference organized by PyData Delhi chapter at IIIT Delhi. In fact, it’s one of the first PyData conferences in India. If you wish to be a part of the community, join the meetup group.  The conference was organised at the beautiful campus of IIIT Delhi. […]

I recently came across a job description for Software Engineer position at a startup which read – Join us as a Software Engineer if you believe in this – That’s when it just struck me. That’s what the missing piece is. DELIVERY. I figured that it is one of the reasons I miss on deadlines I […]

Terminals are software developer’s best friend to boost productivity. Even in today’s age of super complex IDEs, having a highly productive terminal setup can vastly increase the pace at which you get your tasks done. Here, I will cover my terminal setup which has vastly enhanced my productivity. iTerm2 I recently ditched the default by OSX […]

A lot of people often ask me for reasons I attend conferences or meetups and what essentially I do at these conferences ? I believe blogging about it could be a good way to reach out to a larger audience. There are several things I do at conferences and meetups apart from listening to amazing […]

3:30 am flight to Pune – just to optimise on the cost and time! Awesome. Totally worth it. The GopherCon India 2017 was extremely well organised by Emerging Technology Trust with an excellent Master of Ceremony- Gautam Rege. The conference began with a keynote talk by Frances on “context” package and was followed by several interesting […]