Currently, I am working as a Technical Lead, IoT Gateway Group at Zenatix, an IoT based startup, I joined as a second employee in August 2014. 

I’ve progressed from a freshly brewed software engineer straight out of college from VIT University, Vellore, India.

As of today, 1700 of such IoT gateway are live at 200+ cities in India publishing data over 30 millions data points per hour. Over the span of 5 years at Zenatix, I’ve donned many hats to deliver multiple projects which are live in production.

My journey as a Software Engineer

For the first three and a half years, I worked as a Software engineer making my way to Sr. Software Engineer (I now know many more ways to fail and hence the Sr., that’s all. 

I started off to build the first version of what’s today called Wattman — which serves the retail and BFSI sector.

WattCharge — Prepaid Energy Monitoring

PatmTM version but for energy meters

I built the back end and front-end system for a product for prepaid energy monitoring. The product is live at a housing society in Delhi-NCR but the product didn’t take off too well due to operational challenges. The logistics and man-hours involved to build, deploy and maintain the product didn’t just the returns. 

This involved integration with Payment Gateways like PayTM, PayU(now shutdown) and Mobikwik. I lead and architected integration with an apartment management co. — Apartment Adda, which didn’t eventually complete due to product market concerns.

Integrations with IoT Platform

Over the course, I’ve worked on integrating Zenatix’ Edge Gateway with IoT platforms by major cloud providers.

  • IBM Watson
  • Azure IoT
  • AWS IoT

Real-time Alerting System

I architected and built the real-time alerting system for WattMan.

The alerting system could then handle … with a option to handle multiple use-cases around energy optimization and efficiency.

Journey as a Tech Lead/Engineering Manager

As Zenatix’ products scaled, I was given more responsibilities to hire and build a team. I was entrusted with an opportunity to lead the IoT Edge gateway side of product development. 

My responsibilities — Timelines with available resources, hiring engineers to meet product neeeds. Ensure that product is delivered seamlessly. From in-house factory testing to iot device installations, testing and maintenance. New integrations — Video , Water, AHUs controllers in the current iot product. It’s proof of concept to productionising it. 

I take care of Product development, delivery and ops and maintenance as well.

Work was across cross functional teams — Product, Operations and Sales — largely Solutioning team.

Challenges solved as an engineer

  • Alerting Engine
  • Over the air-update v1
  • Device Management Dashboard

Challenges solved as a Team Lead

  • Device Shadow Management
  • Managing over the air updates through the platform of 1700 IoT Gateways connected to 21,000 sensors across 200+ cities in the country. 

What’s my general approach to research a problem ?

  • Understand market offering

Assessment for Opportunity Assessment